Pawn Loans
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A pawn loan is a quick, convenient and confidential way to borrow money!

All of us at one time or another has come up a little short of cash to pay an unexpected bill, fill the car up with gas, or just to take that small vacation.

A pawn loan is a loan made based on collateral that you bring to one of our stores, such as jewelry, electronics, musical instruments, cell phones, and tools or just about anything of value. Using your own personal property as collateral for a pawn loan is a fast and easy way to get quick cash for life’s emergencies. We can loan you from $5.00 to $50,000 and even more!

No credit check, no long forms to fill out and we give you cash within minutes. You can have as many pawn loans outstanding as you want and we don’t report to credit agencies.

Your property is evaluated to determine the loan value of the item. Based on the condition and quality of the item, a loan value is set. You will then be informed of the conditions of the loan and will be given a contract to sign. You will then receive the cash for your loan.

A pawn loan is generally for a one-month period. Your collateral will be held securely at the store in storage during the term of the loan.

You can retrieve your item(s) at any time during the loan period by paying off the amount of the loan and accrued interest. If at the end of the loan period, if you feel you can not repay the loan, you will have the option of rewriting the loan by paying off the interest.

This is a fast and easy way to get cash when you need it most!

casa de enpeño – YES, We speak Spanish! – Si hablo espanol!

Please Note: All pawn loan transactions are done at our physical locations only and you will need a valid ID. We do not accept any online payments for pawn loans.


Retail Sales

Everyone wants to get a great deal and now you can at Mister Money USA! Mister Money USA offers a wide variety of new and used merchandise at prices much lower than you would expect.

We offer jewelry, musical instruments, stereo systems, tools, firearms, computers, electronics, sporting goods and much more.

Please come in and shop around!


Tablets, Laptops, Televisions, Game Systems, Cameras, Cell Phones, Blu-tooth Speakers, and much more.

Laptop and Desktop Computers and Tablets: We carry and accept all Systems: Apple, Windows, Android. All are Factory Reset, and Fully Tested! We offer ALL Price ranges and always have a large selection!

Televisions: We Carry them all; LCD, LED, Plasma, Smart, 4k, etc … From 13” to 85” we have you covered!

Video Game Systems: Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft. We have the systems and the Games. In fact, we accept and sell all the systems ever made, We go way beyond just PS4 and Xbox ONE, we love all the vintage systems as well; Original Nintendo, Super Nintendo, N64, Game Cube, Wii, Wii-U, PS1, PS2,PS3, Xbox, Xbox 360, even Atari and Dreamcast!

Cellular Phones

Yes, We loan on Cellular Phones / Smartphone’s! We Loan on All Carriers and all makes. You don’t even need to remove your info or Reset the phone when you get a loan. We are Phone Experts and we can make a loan easy and fast. And yes, we will even loan on a cracked / Broken Phone!

Cell Phone Sales: We sell all Carriers all price ranges. All our phones are fully tested and guaranteed to Have Clean IMEI and be ready to go. Samsung, LG, Apple, Alcatel, Motorola, Nokia, Asus….. All Brands all carriers… Verizon, Cricket, AT&T, T-Mobile, Page Plus, Metro, Sprint, Boost, and Tons of Unlocked! No need to worry about SIM Card size or activation, we have all these tools and can get the new phone going right in store!


If you need a great deal on some jewelry for that loved one go no further than Mister Money USA!
We have one of the largest selections of refurbished jewelry around.

Bridal and Fashion: We have a full showcase of Modern, In-Style Jewelry in Gold and Silver! All refurbished to be like new. We also carry Estate and Vintage Jewelry. We have a Huge Diamond Bridal Selection. The advantage of Pre-Owned is that you get a much larger Style Assortment; not to mention a much better price!

Watches: Pre-Owned Ladies and Men’s Watches are always in stock! We carry all price ranges, from $10 to High End Luxury Timepieces!

Coins & Bullion: We always have a good Selection of Coins; Numismatic and Investment. Gold and Silver! Big and Small Lots! We are also the number one gold Buyer in Greeley! We will always pay top price for Gold and Silver in any form!


We accept and sell almost all firearms: If you need a hunting rifle or shotgun we have them! Home protection, self defense, target practice, rifle, shotgun, pistol, we have them all.

FFL Firearm Transfers - We do transfers as well, private parts and FFL to FFL.

Handbags / Fashion

Designer Handbags: We always have a large selection of All Designer Handbags / Purses. Coach, Michael Kors, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, etc etc… All Certified Authentic! We use Entrupy Authentication Service and yes, we can guarantee our items are authentic! And that also means we can confidently offer a loan on any handbag!

Sunglasses, Boots, Cowboy Hats: Yes, we loan and sell these as well!


Mister Money is Mister Music!
We accept all music items and sell them as well.

Guitars and Instruments: We have New and Used Acoustic and Electric Guitars. In fact, we Carry All Music Instruments!

Guitar Strings / Cables: We carry a full line of New Strings, Cables, Speaker Wire, Cable Adapters, Straps, Books, Pics, etc etc... We have all the accessories you need for Guitar; Acoustic or Electric. Even Banjo, Ukulele, Bajo Sexto / Quinto, Bass and Mandolin!

Speakers & Amps & Mixers: Mixers, Guitar Amps, Speakers, Power Amplifiers, Subwoofers, Guitar Heads, Guitar Cabinets, Cable Snakes, Powered Speakers, Cymbals, Drum Kits, Microphones, USB interfaces, Beat Machines, Midi Keyboards, Digital Pianos.... Anything Music Related, we will have it!


At Mister Money USA you can find all your tools needs! Why buy new tools when you can save up to 70% off new prices!

We carry all tools; from High End Professional to Homeowner Tool Kits, and everything in-between. Cordless Drills are a favorite, Woodworking, Industrial, Oil Field, we have the tools for all applications!

Car Audio

Car Audio Subs and Amps and Decks

Subwoofers (Subs), Amps, Decks! New and Used; we can fully test everything in store so you know it works and sounds good! Plus we have Unbeatable Prices on Car Audio Install Kits!


Blu Ray DVD Video Games

We carry a huge selection of Pre-Owned Movies and Video Games. We have all Platforms available, Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony, DVD, Blu Ray and More!. All guaranteed to work.

Everything Else!!

We are proud to be able to loan and sell on anything of value. We are interested in Antiques, Auto Pawn, Collectibles, Toys, Decorations, Sports Memorabilia, Gadgets, Bicycles, Sporting Goods, Hunting Gear, Compound and Long Bows, Longboards, Skateboards, Boots and Cowboy Hats, Sports Hats, Harley Davidson Leather Jackets, Sports Jerseys, The list goes on!

Gold Buyer

Not only do we sell jewelry and Bullion, we also buy Gold and Silver in any form. Give us a shot, we will make a quick strong offer!

We will be happy to check our inventory of new and quality used items, and to help you find the item you are looking for!