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We have a full showcase of modern, in style jewelry in silver and gold. All refurbished to be like new! We also carry estate and vintage jewelry! Huge diamond bridal selection! Watches as well! The advantage of pre-owned is that you get a much larger style assortment; not to mention a much better price! 

We always have a good selection of Coins as well, Gold and Silver!

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P60-60878-1DIAMOND RING 5.4g 14 kt$1400
P44-139824-118kt RING 8.4g Ring 18kt mens white gold w/ 7 .07pt round diamonds$599
P44-139771-110kt GOLD RING 1.8g 2 tone gold ring$169
P44-139687-1RING 2.7g 10k gold ring$129
P44-139576-114kt RING 9g Ring w 14k w black stone 9g$400
P44-139488-1RING 12.4g Ring harley davidson silver$129
P44-139438-114kt RING 3.9g Ring 14kt 3.9g$219.99
P44-139413-114kt RING 11.3g Mens diamond ring with 30-.05 diamonds 14k$1200
P44-139379-1RING 7.7g 14k gold ring three dimondsin center$549
P44-139302-1Usa925RING 13.7g Harley davidson$129
P44-139194-110kt RING 2.7g Ring 10k 2.7g 20pt round$199
P44-139096-3RING 3g Silver$12.95
P44-139090-110kt RING 4.2g White gold ring with 4 diamonds in middle$249
P44-138700-110kt RING 3g Ring 10kt 3g$120
P44-138638-1RING 6.4g Gold ring with eagle$259
P44-138623-114kt RING 5.5g Ring 14kt 5.5g nugget$319
P44-138563-1BRACLET 40g Sterling sliver with black stone and 2 blackhills gold leafs$69
P44-138458-210kt RING 16.5g With 3-20pt diamonds$999
P44-138458-110kt RING 4.2g With 3-little diamonds$199
P44-137734-1NaNAwedding ring 4.6g Two piece p4sr wedding set princess cut$299
P44-137553-114kt EARRINGS 0.5d 2 princess diamond earrings each 25pts$499
P44-137053-114kt RING 3.4g White gold with rose gold inlay$799
P44-136925-114kt RING 4.7g Weddding ring with 3 diamond$399
P44-136770-110kt DIAMOND RING 2.5g With 2 small saphires 10k$149
P44-135675-240kt RING 4.4g Diamond ring$1499
P44-133498-1NaNA14kt 14k gold ring 8.9g Diamond ring 60 point$1749.99
P44-133314-1NaNA14kt 14k gold ring 5.4g 14k ring with two 40 point diamonds and one 50 point center diamond$1499
P44-133282-114kt RING 1.6g Ring 14kt 1.6g 40pt round$599
P44-132624-1NaNASILVER NECKLACE Silver necklace$99
P44-131846-114kt RING 3.7g Ring 14kt w/40pt princess$799
P44-130173-114kt RING 2.4g 14k diamond ring w/pricess cut dia$499.99
P44-130009-114kt RING 4g Ring 14kt 4.0g .59ct princess cut$1299
P44-129914-1NaNAsilver watch Decorative silver watch$49.99
P44-123381-3watch Esq womens watch$29.99
P44-114820-114kt RING 4.7g 14kt white gold wedding ring, engagement ring and band 40pt dia$799
P44-114670-1watch Iceman no box yellow band$500
P44-104032-1PEARL NECKLACE 1 pearl necklace$229.95
J1000BH gold ring$69
B60-64455-1Perth Mintgold 20g Theperth mint 99.99 20 grams gold bar$1500
B60-63645-1gold coin 4.3g Gold coin 1926 2 1/2 dallor coin$399
B54-120393-114kt RING 4.8g Diamond ring$1899
B44-140151-1BRACLET 12.6g 14k braclet$499.99
B44-140150-2RING 5.9g ring$19.99
B44-140150-1CHAIN 63.9g Silver chain$149.99
B44-140107-114kt PENDANT 5.1g Gold heart$100
B44-140104-1BRACLET 12.5g Silver braclet$29
B44-140095-110kt RING 3.3g$129
B44-139920-1RING 1.5g 14k gold ring one diamond$249
B44-139659-110kt NECKLACE 2g 10k with heart pendant$0.01
B44-138896-110kt DIAMOND RING 6g With several da$499
B44-138301-114kt dimondring 4.4g 40 pt pricess$999
B44-138251-2HelzbergNARING Wedding band$399
B44-138251-1HelzbergNVRING Wedding set$1499
B44-137839-1RING 3.2g 14k ring$299
B44-137784-114kt dimond ring 5.5g White gold$1200
B44-136449-114kt RING 5.4g Diamond ring$1200
B44-135531-114kt RING 2.4g Diamond ring$599.99
B44-134478-1NaNA10kt 10k ring 3.3g 10k ring with diamond$450
B44-134202-114kt RING 2.7g Solitaire princess diamond ringm in black box$299
B44-133897-1RING 3.6g 14k ring$1299
B44-133460-114kt RING 5.9g White gold ring, center princess cut diamond surrounded by sapphire jewels and other smaller diamonds$1599.99
B44-131851-1RING 3.9g 14k white gold$299.99
B44-130819-114kt RING 6g Ring 14kt 60pt princess cut$1399
B44-130664-1RING 4.9g White gold 14k$3900
B44-127695-114kt DIAMOND RING 2.6g White gold princess cut$1795.99
B44-126962-110kt RING 1.8g Ring 10kt .40pt round diamond$799
B44-126544-1RING 4.3g 18k dimond ring$799.99
B44-125939-114kt RING 11.7g Ring 20pt with 4 little diamonds on the side$429
B44-125318-114kt RING 3.3g White gold wedding ring with 2 round diamonds$1195.99
B44-124772-114kt RING 4.5g Diamond ring w ing ring$499.99
B44-104098-1watch Eco drive$149

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