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We Carry all tools. From High End Professional to Homeowner Tool Kits, and everything in-between. Cordless Drills are a Favorite, Woodworking, Industrial, Oil Field, Lawn & Garden,  we have the tools for all applications!
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T1000Onguard390ozark trail multi tool knife$10
P63-5998-2Johnson1750-1000Johnson 1750-1000 LEVEL Johnson level$20
P63-5835-3Central Pneumatic6718147016Central Pneumatic 6718147016 feed spray 20oz low pressure spray$25
P63-5835-2CHICAGO47274CHICAGO 47274 SPRAY GUN-AIR Chicgo 120 volt power spayer orange$15
P63-5789-1Hitachi3326645Hitachi 3326645 finish nailer Green hitachi finish nailer$49
P60-58166-1Lb Equipment5Lb Equipment 5 auger Lb equipment auger drill with honda motor gx160 no pic to heavy to bring in$699
P60-55403-1Mr HeaterMHVFLH10LPTMr Heater MHVFLH10LPT HEATER-PROPANE Mr heater in box$149
P60-55075-1INGERSOL-RAND308BINGERSOL-RAND 308B grinder Ingersoll rand die grinder air tool 308b in box$80
P60-50631-1ReeceTOWPOWERReece TOWPOWER wench Reece 1 ton towpower wench$59.95
P44-139852-1Tool Shop1350edge cutter$15.95
P44-139844-3B & CNVB & C NV STAPLER B & c eagle$150
P44-139844-2HitachiNP35AHitachi NP35A STAPLER Hitachi$79
P44-139844-1RyobiR163GRyobi R163G rowder Ryobi$69
P44-139825-3DeWaltDCA1820DeWalt DCA1820 ADapter Dewalt battery adapter$14
P44-139802-1BoschGLM165-40Bosch GLM165-40 range finder Range finder$45
P44-139796-2Milwakee2471-20Milwakee 2471-20 copper tubing cutter Milwakee copper tubing cutter cordless$120
P44-139775-5NaNANa NA leather pouch Leather pouch w/misc tools$39.99
P44-139775-3Hyper ToughNAHyper Tough NA CIRCULAR SAW Circular saw$20
P44-139775-2NaNANa NA measured tape Measured tape komelon$15
P44-139775-1Dalluge14OZDalluge 14OZ HAMMER Hammer dalluge titanium$59
P44-139766-1Chicago Electric44141Chicago Electric 44141 die grinder 1 1/2” electric long shaft die grinder in box$39
P44-139759-1MAKITA5007MGMAKITA 5007MG CIRCULAR SAW In case$89
P44-139750-1HusqvanvaK4000Husqvanva K4000 concrete saw Concrete sae$1700
P44-139748-1NaNANa NA MISC.TOOLS Mist tools squares, rubber mallet, levels$29
P44-139737-1Black and DeckerDRAGSTERBlack and Decker DRAGSTER BELT SANDER Na$25
P44-139694-2Milwaukee3690-20Milwaukee 3690-20 CIRCULAR SAW Tilt lok 7-1/4”$80
P44-139676-2Hyper ToughHT309Hyper Tough HT309 Scanner Hyper tough$15
P44-139616-1Ac Delco2 1/4Ac Delco 2 1/4 jack Jack acdelco 2 1/4 ton$45
P44-139545-2Milwaukee600 LUMENSMilwaukee 600 LUMENS head lamp Milwakkee head lamo$50
P44-139475-1GearwrenchNAGearwrench NA WRENCH Gearwrench socket set$79
P44-139474-2Eagle River2GALLONEagle River 2GALLON AIR COMPRESSOR Small aircompressor$75
P44-139474-1DewaltDCD780Dewalt DCD780 drill Dewalt drill w/charger$60
P44-139473-4BAUER1761C-BBAUER 1761C-B grinder Grinder$29
P44-139472-1CraftsmanCMMT12034Craftsman CMMT12034 craftsman tool set Craftsman 189 tool set$150
P44-139445-1MILLERDIGITAL INFINITYMILLER DIGITAL INFINITY welding helmet Welding helmet$159
P44-139423-1Truecraft14PCTruecraft 14PC tool kit Meteric set$19
P44-139414-1DeWaltDW235GDeWalt DW235G DRILL Drill with handle, no chuck$49
P44-139311-2Milwaukee265620Milwaukee 265620 driver Milwaukee impact/driver$109
P44-139288-3Black and DeckerDR200Sander$12
P44-139276-1Craftman137211940Craftman 137211940 Saw Craftsman miter saw$129.99
P44-139179-1CPCP874CP CP874 air cut off tool Rd in color$29
P44-139111-1MilwaukeeHAMMER DRILLMilwaukee HAMMER DRILL HAMMER DRILL Hammer drill milwaukee$49
P44-139040-1HuskeyKT905TCHuskey KT905TC JACK-AUTOMOTIVE Husky 2tone jack$39
P44-139039-1DewaltDC825Dewalt DC825 drill Drill impact w/charger$59
P44-138935-1KellerKMT-26Keller KMT-26 LADDER Ladder keller$159.99
P44-138873-1Big Red3 TONBig Red 3 TON JACK-AUTOMOTIVE With jack stands$59
P44-138856-1RyobiP519Ryobi P519 combo kit In bag 4 piece set with 2-batteries and charger$129
P44-138803-1EchoGT225Echo GT225 trimmer No shield$79
P44-138792-1Craftman917.387360Craftman 917.387360 LAWN MOWER Walk behind 4.5 hp tested22” green in color$89
P44-138701-2Flor CraftWTC180Flor Craft WTC180 saw Bench top tile wet saw$49.99
P44-138667-3HartHart Axe$40
P44-138649-2AntishockNVAntishock NV Hammer Black & red antishock$19
P44-138637-1BostichCAP2060PBostich CAP2060P AIR COMPRESSOR Bostitch$129
P44-138589-1BoschNVBosch NV SAW Bosch jigsaw$99
P44-138572-1CRAIN505CRAIN 505 CARPET KICKER Carpet kicker, battery chargers$89.99
P44-138537-1MAKITAEKITAMAKITA EKITA SAWZALL Makita chop saw$499
P44-138480-1Mac ToolsOFH287Mac Tools OFH287 PLIERS Pliers mac tools ofh287 (2)$99
P44-138188-1MilwaukeeNVMilwaukee NV drill Milwaukee drill$249
P44-138110-1Dyna-gloDELUXDyna-glo DELUX HEATER Dyna glo delux 80000 btus professional grade$129
P44-138006-2RobertsNVRoberts NV Saw Roberts longneck plus 6” jambo saw$99
P44-138006-1MilwaukeeNVMilwaukee NV Drill Milwaukee drill$59
P44-137973-4HitachiWH18DGLHitachi WH18DGL Drill Hitachi impact drill$30
P44-137971-2Aff7685Aff 7685 WRENCH Anvil american forge 1” impact$169
P44-137922-3FujiSUPER 3 STAGEFuji SUPER 3 STAGE turbine Fuji SUPER 3 STAGE turbine Black with hose$159
P44-137851-3SCOTTSS20200SCOTTS S20200 WEED WACKER SCOTTS S20200 WEED WACKER Scotts electric wireless weedwacker with charger and battery$29
P44-137778-1MilwaukeeNVMilwaukee NV multi tool Milwaukee multi tool$99
P44-137777-1PittsburghNVPittsburgh NV werench Pittsburgh$35
P44-137724-3ARROWT-50PARROW T-50P STAPLER Stapler gun$10
P44-137633-3Bosch1587AVSBosch 1587AVS JIGSAW In case$69
P44-137516-1RockwellRK5121KRockwell RK5121K oscillating Rockwell oscillating in bag$40
P44-137456-1DeWaltDW705DeWalt DW705 MITER SAW-ELECT Dewalt compound miter -saw$149
P44-137406-1Porter CableC2002Porter Cable C2002 compresser Porter cable air compressor$99
P44-137405-1PittsburghNVPittsburgh NV TORQUE WRENCH Pittsburgh$20
P44-137161-1BostichBCT400Bostich BCT400 Drill Bostitch drill$80
P44-137139-2NaNANa NA tool set Huper tough tool set$19.99
P44-137027-1NaNANa NA tire iron 4 way tire iron$9.95
P44-136879-2Lasko4900Lasko 4900 fan Lasko pro performance air blower$60
P44-136879-1NaREDNa RED wire feeder Red and black wire feeder$19.95
P44-136842-5Craftsman5.0 HPCraftsman 5.0 HP shop vac Shop vac$30
P44-136842-1DeWaltDW317DeWalt DW317 JIGSAW Jigsaw$30
P44-136651-4WERNERNVWERNER NV LADDER 8ft yellow$69
P44-136651-3Pittsburgh95969Pittsburgh 95969 hammer 8lb sledge hammer$19
P44-136651-2No MakeNANo Make NA TOOL BOX W/ TOOLS In red box$39
P44-136633-3CraftsmanNACraftsman NA sazall Craftsman NA sazall Craftsman$16
P44-136621-2NaAANa AA MISC.TOOLS In bag$29
P44-136614-2WorthingtonLT90Worthington LT90 torch head Wothington propane torch head$39
P44-136614-1MilwaukeeMLCM48Milwaukee MLCM48 LEVEL Milwaukee red stick 48 in$49
P44-136451-1Performax240-3669Performax 240-3669 miter saw Performax 10 in compound miter saw$69
P44-136367-2Black and DeckerJS515Black and Decker JS515 JIGSAW Orange$7.95
P44-135879-2Craftsman151.74931Craftsman 151.74931 chainsaw Chainsaw craftsman w/charger$79
P44-135602-1Mcguire NicholasNVMcguire Nicholas NV Tool belt Mcguire nicholas$49
P44-135334-1SCHUMACHERKEDE1804SCHUMACHER KEDE1804 heater Portable car heater$14
P44-135321-1Milwaukee1/2 INCH RATCHETMilwaukee 1/2 INCH RATCHET ratchet Ratchet no charger$119
P44-135233-1Central Pneumatic42321Central Pneumatic 42321 AIR COMPRESSOR Air compressor central pneumatic 4gal 2hp$79
P44-135000-1J-AirJ103J-Air J103 AIR COMPRESSOR Blue air compressor$399
P44-134982-1SmartjobTA2040Smartjob TA2040 AIR COMPRESSOR Jobsmart air compressor$89
P44-134868-1NaNANa NA hitch Towing hitch with 2 inch ball$39
P44-134817-1PoulanP3314Poulan P3314 p3314 Chainsaw 14” poulan$89
P44-134469-1IrwinNVIrwin NV tap and die set Irwin hanson 12 piece tap and die set$34
P44-134245-1RigidGP80145SWRigid GP80145SW compressor Compressor rigid$599.99
P44-134086-1WarnerSTRAP N SLIDEWarner STRAP N SLIDE stilts Stilts$199
P44-134057-1NaNANa NA tool harness Harness$29.95
P44-133986-1BoschRS20Bosch RS20 RECIPROCATING S Recip saw bosch in box$39
P44-133900-1Pro LiftW1010APro Lift W1010A AIR TANK Gray 10 gal portable air tank$79
P44-133066-2Daniel WoodheadD-3873-1Daniel Woodhead D-3873-1 work light Daniel woodhead light$21
P44-132067-1Eskimo8200Eskimo 8200 ice auger Ice auger eskimo 8200$159
P44-132032-3SKIL2467SKIL 2467 DRILL Drill skil w/flash light, power drill, and air gun w/charger$14.99
P44-132032-1NaNANa NA TOOL BELT/POUCH Tool belt awp$19
P44-131933-1Kobalt253684Kobalt 253684 kobalt tool Kobalt fencing tool$12.99
P44-131074-2Gemoro3Gemoro ultra tester 3+$149.99
P44-130269-2Bell500Bell 500 air pump Inflation station$9.99
P44-129499-101dewalt 1/2 impact air dwmt70773l$0.0000
P44-129057-1N/ANAN/A NA tool pouch Tool pouch awp$29
P44-128633-1CampbellTL1402Campbell TL1402 WRENCH Campbell hausfeild 1/2in impact wrench$52
P44-127812-3DBI SALA3101227crescent spud wrench$34.95
P44-127552-2NaNANa NA air hose Green in color$29.99
P44-127128-1NaNANa NA 25 foot Extension Cord 25 foot extension cord orange in color$10
P44-126954-2NaNANa NA TOOL BELT/POUCH Tool belt dead on$49
P44-126954-1NaNANa NA TOOL BELT Na NA TOOL BELT Tool belt bucket boss$39
P44-126715-3SoninNASonin NA Sonic Laser Sonic laser with solf case$19.95
P44-126275-3HitachiNT50AE2Hitachi NT50AE2 air nailer 2” brad nailer$0.01
P44-125860-2Sunex Tools9917MSunex Tools 9917M WRENCH SET Sunex wrech set 12pc$28.95
P44-125675-3N/ANAN/A NA TOOL BELT/POUCH Leather$18.95
P44-125655-6MatcoNAMatco NA ratchet 1-3/8 1-1/4 ratchet$99
P44-125416-1All Power AmericaATT4016AAll Power America ATT4016A aircompressor With hose$99
P44-125249-1Shop VacMICROShop Vac MICRO shop vac Shop vac micro in box w/attachments$39
P44-124589-3NvNVNv NV MISC.TOOLS Misc tools in black case$8.95
P44-124358-1Skilsaw5380Skilsaw 5380 skilsaw Skilsaw$25
P44-122941-1MAKITABO4552MAKITA BO4552 SANDER Finishing sander blue in color$11.99
P44-122449-1Fluke116Fluke 116 fluke meter In plastic$137
P44-122254-1Skilsaw5150Skilsaw 5150 CIRCULAR SAW Circular saw skilsaw$12
P44-122202-4PittsburghNAPittsburgh NA allen wrench Pittsburgh hex star end allen wrench set$7.99
P44-120863-3alen wrench set stanley$5
P44-120863-2stanley folding star wrenches se$5
P44-118214-1RidgidMS1065LZARidgid MS1065LZA COMPOUND MITRE Miter saw$139
P44-117351-1WERNERLITTLE GIANTWERNER LITTLE GIANT LADDER Werner little giant ladder$169
B63-5885-1Dayton3Z744ADayton 3Z744A WELDER 100 amp$250
B63-5733-5Mvp SuperliftF-395K2Mvp Superlift F-395K2 floor jack Mvp superlift floor jack$50
B63-5338-6Porter CableC3101Porter Cable C3101 AIR COMPRESSOR Porta cable$198.95
B60-62505-1MurrayCP5077Murray CP5077 water pump Murray water pump in box$39
B60-55915-1ProforceVPF1080318Proforce VPF1080318 AIR COMPRESSOR Proforce$79
B60-55254-2NaNANa NA 1/2 inch impact wrench Impact wrench$50
B60-54226-2Hyper ToughH2500Hyper Tough H2500 WEED EATER Hyper tough weed wacker$75
B60-53758-1SanbornNASanborn NA AIR TOOL In box$60
B44-140146-1SpectrumBW-HVLP-1.7Spectrum BW-HVLP-1.7 SPRAY GUN-AIR In box$150
B44-140140-1Milwakee3/8Milwakee 3/8 20v impact No battery or case$179
B44-140124-1SencoSC1Senco SC1 finishing nailer Gray and red$300
B44-140113-1NocoGB70Noco GB70 booster Noco boost hd 2000a$140
B44-140094-3Anvil227029Anvil 227029 mag 27’tlscpc mag pickup tool$9.99
B44-140094-2ChinaNVChina NV Cables Jumper cables$9.99
B44-140094-1Power TorqueNVPower Torque NV SOCKET SET Power torque socket set$16.95
B44-140072-2RyobiRE600Ryobi RE600 ROUTER No blades$99
B44-140072-1Performax241-0990Performax 241-0990 SAWZALL Gray tested$29
B44-140064-1Hyper ToughNVlansky$49
B44-140014-2N/AN/AN/A N/A laminant roller Laminent roller$25
B44-140004-1No MakeNVNo Make NV regulator Regulator$30
B44-140000-1Drill MasterJSRF-601CDrill Master JSRF-601C heat gun Heat gun$25
B44-139979-1N/AN/AN/A N/A high temp torch tip High temp torch tip$20
B44-139953-1Fish Tape38156Fish Tape 38156 TAPE MEASURE 50 finish tape$9.99
B44-139903-2GripNAGrip NA T SQUARE Drywall t-square$10.99
B44-139893-3Chicago Electric63290Chicago Electric 63290 CIRCULAR SAW Chicago electric circ saw$30
B44-139893-2PerformaxN/APerformax N/A performax tile edger Performax tile edger$23
B44-139893-1Chicago Electric62866Chicago Electric 62866 multifunction tool Chicago electric multifunction tool$12
B44-139746-3CHICAGO95004CHICAGO 95004 chicago circ saw Chicago circ saw corded w laser$30
B44-139746-2NaNANa NA TAPE MEASURE Savage tape measure$20
B44-139746-1KT Industries31-4415KT Industries 31-4415 tourque wrench Kt industries 1/2 in dr tor 10-150$30
B44-139744-1VectorVEC1098AVector VEC1098A BATTERY CHRGR Battery charger$100
B44-139675-2Power Bright900 WATTPower Bright 900 WATT inverter Inverter powerbright$40
B44-139618-1SCHUMACHERSE 82-6SCHUMACHER SE 82-6 BATTERY CHRGR 6amp charger in box$40
B44-139602-1Sears Craftsman315109231Sears Craftsman 315109231 CIRCULAR SAW 7-1/4” saw$14.95
B44-139495-1BenzomaticTS8000Benzomatic TS8000 torch kit Benzomatic$39
B44-139477-1Performax2.5APerformax 2.5A sander Missing gutting head$15
B44-139448-1ChinaNVChina NV axe Axe w/red handle$20
B44-139394-1BLUE POINTN/ABLUE POINT N/A wratchet wrench 9/16 Blue-point 9/16 ratchet wrench$16
B44-139377-1NaNANa NA roof jacks 8-roof jacks with tie off$80
B44-139284-1GenesisCIRCULAR SAWGenesis CIRCULAR SAW CIRCULAR SAW Circular saw genesis$40
B44-139277-4StanleyNVStanley NV STAPLER Stanley sharpsooter$12
B44-139247-1RyobiHT822RRyobi HT822R HEDGE TRIMMER Hedge trimmer ryobi$15
B44-139246-2NaNANa NA clippers Clippers$5
B44-139240-2DeWaltDW293DeWalt DW293 IMPACT WRENCH-ELCT 1/2” electric impact$60
B44-139240-1Chicago Electric60610Chicago Electric 60610 drill 3/8” close quarter drill$20
B44-139121-4Cobra550Cobra 550 drum auger Cobra drum auger$30
B44-138877-2Hyper ToughHT309Hyper Tough HT309 diagnostic testers 2 plug in car code readers$30
B44-138850-3Dremel504Dremel 504 grinder With extra blades$75
B44-138754-1AmericanTIM-900 SERIESAmerican TIM-900 SERIES batch meter Preset batch meter$299
B44-138723-1PittsburghNVPittsburgh NV multi Multi tool$69
B44-138691-1Craftsman315.212050Craftsman 315.212050 MITER SAW-ELECT 12”$129
B44-138402-1Pittsburgh93051Pittsburgh 93051 Clamping Dial Indicator 12-7/8 flexable arm clamping dial$30
B44-138348-2StanleyLEVERLOCKStanley LEVERLOCK TAPE MEASURE Leverlock$10
B44-138009-2Dead OnNADead On NA framing hammer Framing hammer$25
B44-137991-4DeWaltNVDeWalt NV Drill Dewalt drill$40
B44-137991-2Master ForceNVMaster Force NV NAILER-AIR Masterforce finish nailer$29.99
B44-137805-1Surebonder9755Surebonder 9755 air nailer kit 3 air nailer kit$99.99
B44-137771-1Provalue2324-PVProvalue 2324-PV SANDER AIR Provalue$90
B44-137768-3NaNANa NA measuring square Square measure$6
B44-137640-1NaNANa NA hand tools Misc tools$15
B44-137318-3Pittsburgh67901Pittsburgh 67901 SOCKET SET Pittsburgh pro$30
B44-137274-1Tool Shop241-9867Tool Shop 241-9867 CIRCULAR SAW Circular saw tool shop$35
B44-137149-2Roberts10-895Roberts 10-895 vinal cutter Vinyl mcutter$35
B44-137074-1Hallmark7X14Hallmark 7X14 trailer Trailer$6000
B44-136861-2RyobiP115Ryobi P115 BATTERY CHRGR Ryobi p115 charger$16
B44-136828-101Ball and Hitch$19
B44-136810-1Sanborn024-0710Sanborn 024-0710 AIR HAMMER Sanborn air chisel$19.99
B44-136725-1NaNANa NA saw horse Metal$24.99
B44-136641-5NaNANa NA hose Hose 1/4 id pvc hose$6
B44-136406-3Pittsburgh63615Pittsburgh 63615 digital angle gauge In plastic$15
B44-136406-2Pittsburgh63647Pittsburgh 63647 digital micrometer In blue case$25
B44-136231-3MilwaukeeRED STICK MLBXM78Milwaukee RED STICK MLBXM78 LEVEL 78” level$149
B44-136185-1DeWaltDW510DeWalt DW510 drill electric Dewalt 1/2” drill no chuck$60
B44-136039-1Stanley33-425Stanley 33-425 TAPE MEASURE 25′ powerlock$5.99
B44-135863-3ChinaLP7China LP7 heater gas 90000-200000 btu lp heater$120
B44-135560-3MatcoMT1980Matco MT1980 AIR TOOL Air tool matco$30
B44-135395-1AutospaNVAutospa NV Vacuum Auto-vac$30
B44-135208-1HitachiC12FDHHitachi C12FDH chop saw Hitachi chop saw$139
B44-134470-1PoulanNVPoulan NV CHAIN SAW Poulan pro$150
B44-133047-1BostitchBTC440Bostitch BTC440 impact with battery Bostitch impact with 18v battery$49
B44-131915-1HitachiDS18DVF3Hitachi DS18DVF3 drll set Hitachi drill set w/charger flash light$69
B44-131716-2Haul Master93888Haul Master 93888 dolly cart Dolly cart$19.99
B44-131359-4No MakeNANo Make NA welding apron No Make NA welding apron Welding apron yellow$9.99
B44-131319-1KobaltCR-MOKobalt CR-MO BOLT CUTTERS 18” bolt cutter$19.99
B44-131112-4No MakeNANo Make NA fishing spear$79
B44-130932-2LifelongNVLifelong NV FLASHLIGHT 3 red,black,yellow flashlights$10
B44-130932-1SKIL2238SKIL 2238 WRENCH Skil cordlees power wrench$35
B44-130748-2SWINGFINE440SWINGFINE 440 PUNCH 3 hole punch$19.99
B44-130505-1StanleyNVStanley NV hammer Stanley hammer$10
B44-130125-2Bosch3660KBosch 3660K cordless drill In black case$49
B44-129375-1CAMBELL/HAUSFELTL0535CAMBELL/HAUSFEL TL0535 cut off too New in box$49.99
B44-129193-1Campbell HausfeldTL 1001Campbell Hausfeld TL 1001 Air Ratchet Campbell hausfeld – 3/8” air ratchet$12
B44-128338-3NaNANa NA mallet Rubber mallet$7
B44-127863-1T&E ToolsCR-MOT&E Tools CR-MO swivel extension Swivel extension t&e tools$69
B44-127666-1NaNANa NA TOOL BELT/POUCH Leather tool belt$25
B44-127506-2BostitchFINISH NAILERBostitch FINISH NAILER Bostitch Nailer Bostitch nailer$59
B44-127328-2QuicksilverT1830Quicksilver T1830 rocker kit Rocker kit$19.95
B44-127184-2Central Pneumatic1/2 AIR RATCHETCentral Pneumatic 1/2 AIR RATCHET AIR RATCHET Central pneumatic air ratchet$30
B44-126920-2CraftsmanNVCraftsman NV DRILL BIT SET Crafsman drill set$15
B44-126447-2NaNANa NA Ice chipper 1 baker pro tool ice chipper$5
B44-125302-1BostitchBIT SETBostitch BIT SET bit set Bit set bostitch$15
B44-124801-2ZirconONESTEPZircon ONESTEP stud finder Zircon stud finder multiscanner$9.99
B44-123168-2Stanley7-85-782Stanley 7-85-782 WRENCH Wrench stanley ratchet$19.99
B44-121885-3NapaNANapa NA razer blade Razer blade knife$9.95
B44-121340-2N/ANAN/A NA SCREWDRIVER SET Mid-small size changeable screwdriver set$13.95
B44-121340-1N/ANAN/A NA SCREWDRIVER SET Small changeable screwdriver set$9.95
B44-120588-3ZippoNAZippo NA Stud Finder Zircon one step stud sensor i60$13.95

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